Known History

Once upon time the Titans made Creation and set the Gods to keep it. The Titans were cruel and abusive of mankind and so the Gods Exalted chosen ones among humanity to fight a war against the cruel Titans. The Exalted won the war and the Gods set about maintaining Heaven while the Exalted were set to rule over Creation and keep it. This was the beginning of time and the First Age.

Some Exalted were raised up above others and they grew corrupt and abusive in their power. The Dragon Blooded, children of the Celestial Dragons and so pure in their form and intent, resisted this corruption and cast down the Anathema that the others had become. With the end of the war against he Anathema the Second Age began.

During this great war the Scarlet Empress rose up and took command of all the Dragon-blooded and proper reign of Creation. Under her rule, the land thrived. The Wyld Hunt was established to cleanse the land whensoever an Anathema should reincarnate and plague the land.

Recently, the Scarlet Empress disappeared and the Anathema have appeared in even greater numbers than ever before. While the Dragon-blooded bicker over politics and succession crisis has emerged. Meanwhile, the Fae have tested the boundaries of the Creation and new and forgotten threats emerge all over the land.

Known History

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