Game of Gnomes

Valley of the Tyrant Lizards
Exalted Session #5

In our last adventure our heroes had recaptured a Scroll. Malachite Urn revealed to the heroes that hidden in the seal of the scroll was a magical compass. She told our heroes about the First Age when the Solars had ruled and how betrayal by her own kind the Sidereal Exalted had ended that rule. The compass, she explained, will lead to the shattered remains of the Pearl of Power, an item of great power that our heroes had possessed in life. Sadly, Malachite could no longer continue her adventures with our heroes since more Solars needed training but upon our heroes request for a way to contact her she left with them a malachite urn that they could leave in any of their manses.

Ripping another hole in the fabric of space, Malachite Urn transported our heroes one last time to a lonely road in the middle of a tropical jungle and turning over the compass to them she departed. Wandering down the road our heroes came upon a town on a hill but chose to bypass the town for what lay beyond.

Beyond the town was great valley and at the edge of that valley with great tall trees our heroes saw tracks. Deeper into the woods the tracks became more identifiable as those of Tyrant Lizards and one set of tracks seemed bigger and more monstrous. Tracking the most monstrous of tracks our heroes encounter several Tyrant Lizards including the monstrous one. Our heroes bested the beasts and cut open the monster to find the first shard of the Pearl of Power.

After camping a few days to heal our heroes returned to the town and poked around to learn what they could. They found out that the town of Clay Hill survives on capturing Tyrant Lizard eggs and selling to Nexus for various reasons. They also have a legend of a great beast called Razor Wind who stalked the forest. Furthermore they find out there was a young man whose mother was sick and a local lord had asked him to bring forth the body of the great Razor Wind. The young man was not a great warrior and had been looking for companions. When his mother died the boy struck out on his own and the mysterious lord who had not been seen by the villagers vanished in the night leaving behind payment for his lodging.

Our heroes decided that it was time to return to Nexus to touch base before continuing on their quest.

Session #4

In session #3 of our story, our heroes had just cleared a hidden crypt of ghouls and were debating whether or not to rest before the next leg of the dungeon.

Since Tim was not present, Flint went off to a well secured closet to be guarded by Ingrith while he rests. On the way, they discovered that the cells that they believed to be empty were not so empty after all and contained 2 more brave townsfolk, a wizard and a druid. Since they seemed like trustworthy fellows, the group decided to add them to their roster and make their way through the dungeon.

As a whole, the group decided it would be best to backtrack and enter the area that had been determined to be well traveled by cultists. Going through several rooms, our heroes managed to sneak up on a group of sleeping Gnolls. Ann’s character went into full stealth mode and took their weapons insuring that if encountered later the gnolls would provide little threat beyond the grossness of their nudity.

Delving deeper, the group fought more undead and happened across a pair of clerics right by a crude elevator going down into a mysterious shaft. In addition, they found the sleeping quarters of the ones who most likely are the leaders of these cultists. After backtracking some, our heroes found that a side tunnel led back to the crypt.

Now two paths lay before our heroes, delving deeper into the mysterious shaft and exploring the strange tunnels off of the crypt.

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